Just can't stop myself from building projects 😃, helps needed!

July, 2020


A Japanese money management system
  • Designed and developed a MEARN Stack responsive web application inspired by Japanese Household Budget System, “Kakeibo”. 
  • Allow user to track spendings, set monthly budgets, and view visualized monthly summary.
  • Built fully functionally token authentication system and form validations.
  • Learned and Utilized: Full Stack Web Development, deployment, building RESTful API, data visualization, software design and version control.
June, 2020

SpaceX and Mars

Let's fly to Mars 🚀
  • Designed and developed a responsive web application that utilizes r/SpaceX API and NASA API, displays SpaceX’s missions and weather about Mars. The website is included in the r/SpaceX API’s documentation.
  • Built with ReactJS at first, decided using GatsbyJS for Static Site Generation to improve performance and user experience after.
  • Created Bash script and cron job to trigger rebuilds to update content periodically.
  • Utilized: Frontend development, application deployment and Bash; Learned: GatsbyJS, GraphQL and SEO.
May, 2020

Good-Ole Personal Website

The ancestor of this site
  • Built a responsive mobile friendly personal/portfolio website to showcase projects, skills and educations with React.
  • Redesigned and rebuit the old site using Django framework and Sass, increased useability and user experience.
  • Utilized: Programming in Python, Web Development, deployment and SEO; Learned: Django and Sass.

Note: "Demo" and "Code" link to the old website built with React. The repository of current site is here.

Node.js ReactJS Django Sass
Mar, 2020

Bubble Chart

Pop a bubble by clicking it
  • Designed and developed an interactive data visualization tool with D3 that displays the standing of academic programs offered by the University of Arizona in the space of job demands versus salaries in the U.S.A.
  • Each program is represented as a bubble, its position in the coordinate is based upon the programs job demands and median salaries. Click/pop a bubble to present its sub-programs; it can be drilled down from university to major level.
  • Played a role in decision making of the UA Academic Administration's strategic plan in response to COVID-19.
  • The project is associated to Developer/Research Assistant postiion at the UA Academic Administration.
  • Utilized: D3 data visualization library, Tree data structure and version control.

Note: The demo site uses mockup data due to obvious reasons.

Feb, 2020

Geographic Visualization of COVID-19 in China

Map Visualiztion of COVID-19 Spreading
  • Visualized the spread of the COVID-19 in terms of the number of confirmed cases in China throughout the timeline from January to March 2020 using geographic map. Python

  • 2020 is a heartbreaking year for the world, but we get through this together 🤜 🤛. 2021 will be better than ever! 

Jan, 2020

Smart Voice Controlled Reminder

Did you forget... ?
  • A Python application utilizes Google Cloud APIs, informs uses about commute time, and prevents users from forgetting essential items in the morning.
  • Developed in a team of 4 during 2020 Hack Arizona
Python Google Cloud